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10 basic points to keep in mind for freelancing or earning online

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Most of internet users are using internet incorrectly, i.e, for wasting their valuable time on seeing posts of others on facebook or twitter and just giving a like or laugh react. Internet is not only a space to enjoy by seeing other’s post, internet is a lot more than that. Many people are earning their daily income from internet by doing many businesses like content writing graphic designing and many more. Many people quite their daily jobs and started own blogging or online work, which is giving them way more than what, they were earning with their daily jobs. This blog will try to guide users how can one make money by doing various works and developing skills.

Honestly, there are lots of ways one can earn online a good amount of money, but users need to have passion for it. I have seen many users who think of earning online, but they give up in very early stage. The reason is simple, they just watch others and think “that blogger is earning this much so i can also earn same“. But many of them fail because they don’t have basic skills which are required to earn money (both offline and online).

This post will only address most basic points you should keep in mind to develop and improve over time if you are really serious for making money online. Almost all type of works whether you want to start freelancing or start own giant business, you should have these qualities to be success.

Basic Points for Earning Online or Freelancing

1. Core Knowledge.

You should have basic core knowledge of your work. It means, whatever you want to start, you should first get some basic fundamental knowledge of that work before charging money for your work. It doesn’t mean you should have complete knowledge in that field, But basic core knowledge is important. Without core knowledge you will stuck many times, even for simple tasks you will take long time to solve it.

What you can do is, first get a basic course of whatever you are interested in like web designing, graphic designing, video editing , blockchain anything. There are many courses out there on udemy, many of them are free also, just take some courses on the topic you are interested in and you have the core knowledge of that subject. (i know its not that simple, but you have to do it)

2. Learn Marketing

Marketing is one of most basic skill you should have if you want to earn money online. I have seen many people that have great content to sell like, many good courses, websites, skills, but they fail to market those things. Without marketing your skills are just useless. A businessman should know how to market his product or service.

How users can do marketing? , it’s not that hard but takes some time, online marketing can be done on social media platforms, groups like whatsapp groups, telegram groups, facebook groups, blogs , youtube , instagram etc.

Marketing can sometimes also involve money for promotion. But i suggest in the beginning you should follow Asset-lite Model (Which simply means not investing too much in the beginning). You can also run marketing strategies like referral bonus for sharing or similar things for faster visibility. like giving away free e-book for registering.

3. Work on communication Skills.

Communication skills are required to make and retain your clients. On internet you will find clients from all over the world. While you can’t learn all the languages of the world, you should have command on English and know how to communicate in your region language. English should be one of your commanding language for online earning because it is estimated that 55.5% of world’s website are in English and you can communicate with many clients all over world by using it.

By the way communication is not only about learning a language, its about how creatively you convey your message, product or ideas to the other person. By the way you don’t need to keep focusing on this point and neglecting others, Communication skills will develop over time, but you need to be attentive and try to improve it.

4. Make a Portfolio.

This is must for new people you are just starting there business or online based work specially freelancing. A client will hardly hire a completely new and unknown person a work. You should have some portfolio to show clients about your works. You need a website for this, just establish a website for showcasing your works. This is must if you have some graphic designing business or web designing business. Clients always wants to see previous works before hiring the freelancer or giving some work to anyone.
Always put some of your best works in your portfolio, because it is the main thing that will bring you clients.

5. Simplify for clients.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

Most of the clients are non-geeky. Clients don’t like to discuss the complexity or the technical stuffs of the project, they just want their work done which should be simpler to understand.

You should develop the skill to convey technical stuff to the clients in simpler way. Make it simple and easy to understand.

6. Quick Reply for Clients.

This is actually not a skill, this is a habit. You should keep in mind your clients are your income. Make your clients happy by providing them faster solutions, this will bring lots of clients for your for sure.

Be active. Make some way your clients can communicate with you, and reply them as soon as possible.

7. Be Ready for Revisions.

It’s very rare that clients like your work in 1st attempt. Be ready for revisions of your work. Revisions simply means you may have to do slight changes in the work. This point apply mainly with freelancing field.

8. Improve your networking

On social media everyone likes to make lots of friends or followers. If you really want to earn online, make this as your advantage. Join groups which are related to your niche. Like if you are into web designing, than join facebook groups related to this topic, follow popular web developers on twitter, join telegram/ whatsapp / discord groups. Also subscribe to youtube channels relating to this topic. Make new friends and make a network of people with same thinking or work. Beleive me, it is definitely worth it.

9. Presentation.

This is important point. It is very important how you present your work/talent/skill. In online world, presentation is the key to attract more income. Whether you are a blogger, web developer, graphic designer, the way you present your work is very crucial thing for impressing your clients and to bring more clients.

10. Sales conversion.

Sales conversion is the main point of all things related to earning. You should work on sales conversion. This includes everything including presentation of work, making portfolio, clients experience and everything. All things come to this point, i.e., sales conversion.

If you don’t know the ways to convert audience into sales, you can never earn money. Sales not only means physically buying of goods. For a youtuber sales means views on their video. The work they have to do is to make viewers attention grabbing content, promote their video and convert their efforts into views of youtube viewers.


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