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10 Best Online Teaching Websites for Earning Money

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There are Many jobs accessible on the web, where you can earn a good income.
Among those jobs, the simplest and easily available online job is being an online teacher. Also it is very easy to get students from online medium. Internet teaching work are more preferred over other online jobs.

The best thing about internet teaching is you can work part-time and the remuneration is also high.
Web based teaching is one of the developing profession choices, nowadays. It doesn’t require a specific degree. Some site may require your experience or expertise. In any case, numerous sites request just your knowledge in any subject, and you can begin instructing on the web.

Anybody with a good knowledge about a subject can become an online teacher. One can make money without much of a stress, just by putting in a couple of hours on web based teaching websites. One can choose to do it part-time or full time earning source, as per their wish and both are profitable. These online portals connects students to teachers and both gets benefited with this.

Benefits of online teaching :

  • Saves you a great deal of money and time spent on Travelling.
  • Suitable for college students and homemaker to generate some extra income source.
  • It has flexibility of working hours.
  • Easy and high income in contrast with other online jobs.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world where you have internet and a laptop.
  • More time you will spend higher you will earn.

List of websites to start Online Teaching in India.

1. Chegg India by Chegg (earlier InstaEDU)

CheggIndia is one of the best platform where you get paid for teaching online. It is subsidiary of USA based Chegg Inc. Actually you don’t need to provide lectures, here students post their doubts and questions and teachers has to answer their questions on their posts. It is one of most popular online teaching platform for teachers as well as students. You can earn good amount of money from this site. All you have to do is, select the questions and answer them in given time. It all depends on your knowledge about that subject. You can take as many questions as you want and your earnings will be dependent on the no. of questions you answer.
Subjects are related to Math, English, Chemistry, computer science, Engineering subjects, accounting, finance, management etc. Ranging from medium to higher grade students. Price per question also depends on the grade of the question. This is a very good part-time online job, as will not take much of your time for solving 2-3 question per day. Also Chegg pays salary on time without delay, hence you should give it a try.

2. Learnpick

Learnpick basically is an online platform which gives teachers option to teach online or offline as a home tutor. This website connects teachers with students.Teachers teach on virtual classroom and using online whiteboard software.
Subjects include school level or competitive exam level. Teachers have to register on the website and set their fees of subjects they will be teaching hourly. Many students list their requirements on the website, teacher has to select jobs related to their expertise from that list. There is no commision taken by learnpick, but you need to purchase Connects(virtual coins) to apply to the tutoring jobs that you want.

3. Vidyalai

Vidyalai is also another online teaching website where teachers can earn good amount of money by teaching online. Vidyalai is founded by IIT Madras Alumni with exclusively IITian teachers. It has also similar concept where teachers have to take online classes through online video chat. Virtual classroom is setup with 1 teacher and 4-5 students at a time but one to one classes are also available. Vidyalai pays teachers for each session. Payment is based on teachers experience and level of expertise in the subject they are teaching. Almost all teachers on Vidyalai are current students or graduates of IITs(Indian Institutes of Technology) across India

4. Vedantu

Vedantu’s is also a very popular site for online teaching. They have more than 40,000 students from India connected with this platform.
It is also a live teaching site where you have to take lectures one on one through Skype or Video calling.
Here mostly teachers are from Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata.
It has 6th to 12th standard basic education course and some advanced courses like JEE main Maths and science. Also, you can teach subjects like Maths, French, German, Computer Science, Biology and Physics. You can teach as per your choice. You can set your own fees here.

5. BharatTutors

Bharattutors offer both version of online teaching, Live one to one teaching and Virtual classroom teaching. You can take classes as per your availability and students requirements. You can take fulltime or part-time job. Bharattutors don’t take any charge for thier service. There are many categories available to choose from, like car driving, yoga classes, cooking etc , if you have knowledge, you can start teaching it. Once you find student on bharattutrs You don’t need to contact them, its completely your responsibility to contact the students, understand their requirements and finalize the mode of teaching, payments and location.

6. Udemy

This has a different kind of platform than mentioned above. In udemy, teachers have to create collection of videos and resources called courses. Users will buy courses made by you, and you will earn money. Udemy is a platform for teachres to showcase their courses and earn money from them. It is a good concept, as it needs your one time effort for making course. Users will keep buying your course in future also. Marketing your courses will help you generate more money as more users will buy your course. Moreover it is a great source of passive income. There are many topics you can make course on like Digital Marketing, Languages, Web desinging, Leadership Skills, Business related, Communication Skills, Mathematics, personality development etc.

7. Teacheron

Teacheron is like marketplace site for online teachers and students. Teachers has to make profile on teacheron, after that teachers can contact students for teaching. There is no commision from teacheron site directly. Students can contact teachers directly. If students contact any teacher it’s free for teachers, and in some many cases, if you contact students it’s also free but, only when that students has not got sufficient inquiries. Otherwise, teachers has to pay a small fees as teacheron Coin and buy leads. After contacting student, you can set your fees for teaching as per your knowledge and students requirements, also you can choose your payment method. If students don’t check your message which you paid to contact upto 15 days, then you will get your amount back and that lead will become free.


2tion (Tution) is also very popular site for online teaching covered many times by media houses as best online teaching site. It connects teachers and students and this platform also provides the marketplace where teachers can sell their books and notes to students and can generate some extra income. Tutor can register to 2tion and use digital white board to teach student and also communicate and track the syllabus. If you are teaching maths, science or subjects related to drawing, you must have digital pen tablet for using online whiteboard. For teaching dance, music etc., you require webcam. Students can download it’s app and post their doubts, which will appear on the site. Teachers can then answer their question there.


Italki is another site where teachers can earn good amount of money. Italki is based in china but they have students and teachers from all over world. It is mainly based on languages learning and teaching. There are many users here who want to learn and teach a foreign language. They have more than 2,000,000 language learners and over 2000 tutors per language. You have to take classes online face to face. They pay in USD via PayPal, Skrill, Alipay and Bank Transfer which you can withdraw twice a month.

10. Cuemath

Cuemath is another type of website for tutors based on Maths. They have training programs designed by alumni of Stanford, Harvard, IIT, IIM, Cambridge etc. If you have done your graduate or post graduate, you can become teacher at cuemath. They provide teacher’s training programme through which you will be trained and you can teach maths in better way to students. After training, you have to make cuemath center at your home. Cuemath will send you details of students from your area and you can group them and teach them. Generally studets range from K.G to 8th class. You have to give approx. 4 hours of your time and you can earn good amount of money. There are some more conditions like commission of website, registration fees as teacher etc which you can check before joining.


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