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10 Fresh Ideas/Topics For Starting Youtube Channel in 2023

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Often, it is seen that, new youtubers, who are just starting their youtube journey make channels and videos related to topics and categories which is already trending at that time. It means New youtubers watch other youtubers doing some videos like prank channels, Tech channels, Vlog channel and they think they should also make channel on same topic. They think, if all are making videos on pranks and getting success with it, they will also make channel on same topic and will earn huge. But it rarely happens. Actually lots of youtubers think like this and most of them fail because many youtuber make videos on same topic at that time and competition level goes very high. Most of them get very less views because of this reason.

You should move a step ahead and make your channel on some different topic that viewers may like and appreciate. There will be many advantages for this. At first, less competition means higher traffic watching your videos, Higher CPC (which will give you higher revenue), Fast and easy popularity and many more.

Here we are sharing 10 Fresh Ideas for starting your youtube channel, which will grow fast and earn you lots of revenue.

10 New Ideas for Youtube Channel in 2023-24 :

  1. Focus on Regional Content
  2. Kids or Children related Content
  3. Job alert related / Career related
  4. Love guru or Relation advice
  5. Pets and animals care
  6. Regional Songs and Music
  7. Online Education.
  8. Money Management /Financial Management
  9. Public reactions on politics or controversial topics
  10. Gaming Channels

Lets talk about it in detail :

1. Focus on Regional Content

Many of new youtubers might be thinking that they should make videos in English so that their videos will get views from all over the world. Actually, you should understand that worldwide there are lots of competition and youtube’s algorithm don’t like worldwide content much. Youtube target their users specific targeted content more than worldwide content.

For. eg.,A Person from New York will be shown videos from their particular areas only at first. Same happens with a person living in southern region of India. Youtube will show them content in their regional languages only.
If you make videos in your regional language, you have less competition and higher chances of videos getting served to the audience. Otherwise, by making videos in English, you would have been competing with the whole world.

Moreover, if you check views on regional language videos, you will see that they also gets very high amount of views and subscribers.
Not only regional content you can further categorize your audience into different class like Higher class, middle class and lower class. Nowadays almost everyone has internet connectivity and even in villages people search everything on youtube. There are a large audience which many new youtubers are ignoring , which you can target and make channel on. This will increase grow your channel very fast as well as earn you huge amount of money and popularity.

2. Kids or Children related Content

This is a very ignored category which has huge potential of giving you good amount of views. There are very few channels which are based on Babies. Nowadays the new generation of parents also pacify their babies with youtube videos. And yes, they need content like nursery rhymes, jingle tones, Learning Alphabets videos etc. You can make videos related to Babies and also you can make videos for parents telling them how to take care of babies.

Another category we would like to cover in this point is “Make videos on Unboxing and Reviews on TOYS for children”. Everyone is making unboxing and review videos of gadgets and other stuffs and this are is ignored which has a lot of potential of growth of your channel. Also you can earn good money by giving your amazon affiliate link in youtube descriptions. Parents will buy their children those toys by making decision based on your videos.

3. Job alert related / Career related

In old times, people have only newspaper to read about Jobs/ Exams related news and career related articles. Nowadays people get most of their news and information online, through articles and videos. There are very few channels on youtube which are based on providing Job alert type videos , career advice related videos etc.
There is a huge audience of people, who don’t have much time to get information from different places about, whats going in jobs vacancy and career related world. If you can make youtube channel where you can provide latest updates related to jobs and career advice about what are career opportunities after completing their graduation in specific field, then you will definitely get lots of views and subscribers.
Simply collect information from different sources online and present them in your videos in presentable manner.

4. Love guru or Relationship advice

You can start channel based on love and relationship advice. It will easily become popular among youngsters very fast. You can cover many things in this kind of channel about how to propose girls/ boys, How to impress them , Dating tips , How to celebrate valentine, Best places to hang with your partner, You can also take questions from your viewers in comments and advice them in your next video. This kind of inter-activeness, will boost your channel growth very fast.
Youngster mostly have this in their mind and they will get attracted with this kind of channel easily. This has a huge audience which you can target by becoming their love Guru. ????

5. Pets and Animals care

This will also be a very good category which you can target. You can give guidance on managing pets like cats, dogs. How to bath them, Food for them, Do’s / don’t , What to do when they catch some disease, Toys for them, how they can be trained etc.
Also you can cover animals like cows, buffaloes and other animals in your videos for village audience.

6. Regional Songs and Music

This has very huge potential of channel growth, if you can make dance/ songs videos in your regional language. Specially in India, these channels will grow amazingly fast. Audience needs religional dance or music videos which you can target by making songs and dance videos of local languages.
You can also make short videos on regional topics but add quality to them. This category has huge potential to earn good views.

7. Online Education.

You can teach on any topic to your audience on youtube. Make video courses for topics like subjects for schools standard-wise. You can teach anything which you have knowledge about like teach about web designing, teach about painting, teach about music , dance or many things. Teaching online has many benefits then teaching offline. You can teach thousands or lakhs of students all together by making effort single time and that will also earn you money. There are very few channels on youtube covering courses related to class 8th to 12th of different boards of India, you can cover them.

Also check this article : 10 Online Course Websites to Learn Anything Free

8. Money Management /Financial Management

You can also target this category with your youtube channel. People wants to know about managing their finances. They want to know where they can invest their money, how can they save their taxes, What are new amendments in tax laws, what are the retirement plans available, You can share about share markets and other insurance policies. There are very few channels on these topics and people need lots of content on these topics. Another positive thing is that you can also promote some policies and plans by other institutions from your channel and earn more money.

9. Public reactions on politics or controversial topics

This was once the work of news media, now you can cover this topic. You have good advantage over general news media to show genuine reactions of public on political topics before election season and also you can take reactions on controversies of internet like youtube controversies etc which is generally not covered by mainstream media Like pewdiepie vs T-series controversy, some youtubers leaving youtube controversy etc.
This has potential to give your channel immediate growth and there is a huge demand for this kind of channel.

10. Gaming Channels

In india gaming industry is just began gaining popularity, You can make channel on gaming and you can also cover many things which are not covered by other youtubers like new upcoming games, gaming consoles, gaming accessories reviews etc.
Also you can show walk-through and review for games, you can play games in story mode or tell games story in summarized form. There are lots of ideas you can implement in this category.

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