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15 Skills You can Learn for Earning Money Online in 2023-24

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There are many ways one can earn online, but a newcomer don’t know much options. This article will cover subjects which have the potential to make you earn huge amount of money. All these are skills, you should learn to make money online. My personal advice would be, don’t go for all options at once, just choose one or two skills from this and learn everything about it. All options here have broad scope of learning and earning. By learning these skills you can get job easily, or you can start doing freelancing on sites like Fiverr , Freelancer etc or you can start your own service based business company.

There are many sources where you can learn them, I recommend check your location for institutes which teach these skills, or you can also take online courses from online learning platforms like Udemy , CourseEra etc.

Skills which can make you EARN.

What is Content Writing?
There are mainly 2 types of website :

  • Content related.
  • Service related.

Content related websites have articles written on them like most of the blogs. All these needs content in the form of posts, images etc. By learning skills of content writing you can get many job opportunities or freelancing works for writing content for others websites or blogs.
You need to have some knowledge of the content you are going to write, or you can do a quick research. But the art of writing content interacting with readers is important. Also content writer should know the SEO optimized way of writing content for ranking the articles higher in search results.

2. Graphic Designing.

Graphic designing is a vast topic. There are many industries you require graphics designers, UI/UX designers, web designers , logo designers etc. With increasing numbers of online users, need of graphic designing is also increased. Just check freelancing sites, they all are filled with the requirements of graphics designers.

Even web developers and businesses require graphic designers for graphically design websites and their illustrations like icons and contents. There are many courses on udemy and youtube etc which can help you learn graphics designing, just make a good portfolio and start earning money.

3. Blogging.

Blogging is one of most favorite online earning method for many people since many years, and even today blogging is good source from where you can earn good money. Just start buy a domain, hosting, install a theme, and start writing on your favorite topic. Apply for adsense or similar ad network services and monetize your blog.

In blogging you have to do may works together, so basics of blogging should be researched before starting a blog. You should know about basic SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization. You just need traffic on your blog and from ads you will start earning good amount of money.

4. Video Editing.

Nowadays, videos are a greatway to connect and grab attention of people. Many users are starting youtube channels of their own. Many youtubers start youtube channel but have very little or No knowledge of video editing. By learning this skill, you can provide them services of editing their video and in return earn good amount of money.

Many businesses nowadays require good videos to showcase their product or services online. They also contact video editors to make videos for their products. By learning video editing you have many ways to earn money. You can even start your own youtube channel and earn money from there.

5. Social Media Marketing.

Social Media marketing means promoting a product, website or service on social media platforms like instagram, Facebook , Google+, Twitter etc. It just means marketing something on social interaction sites. This is very beneficial for businesses and thus they hire Social Media Marketer for their business promotion.

There are many things you have to learn for this skill which also includes running ad campaigns. Just take online courses on these topics and start earning huge amount of money by charging clients for promoting their products.

6. Web Development.

Web Development is also a very vast subject. You have to learn some coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery etc. After that you can learn about frameworks like bootstrap, materializecss etc. All these are not much hard, but yes they take time to learn. Once you have a good command on these you can earn good amount of money. There is a huge demand for web developers online, for coding websites.

There are always scope of learning in web development world, just take some online courses on basic languages and start making websites, make a good portfolio and start marketing your services.

7. Search Engine Optimization.

Websites needs optimizations, for them to be considered as valuable by search engines. On websites, always most of the traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. There are many strategies you should learn about for optimizing websites for searh engine, like Backlinking, Meta tags, Keyword research etc. Learn about these skills. Many companies and business owners hire SEO services for their websites promotion and you can start charging them for your services.

8. App Development.

Statistics show that, there is a huge increase in numbers of mobile users recently. Demand of android and iOS apps has increased a lot with this. Learning App development will have a very good scope of earning huge amount of money.

Take courses and learn this skill ad make apps for clients and earn good money. You can also launch your own apps or Android/ ios games connect it with ad network accounts. Publish them on google play store or apply store and start earning huge money.
Also web developers need apps for their clients which they generally outsource from app developers. You have man options of earning money by learning this skill.

9. Cloud Services.

Nowdays many businesses started using cloud services for computing power. There are mainly 3 major providers of cloud services, i.e., Google Cloud Services, Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

In Cloud Computing, you have to manage applications or data on these platforms. There exist some certification courses for for using these services. You can charge business money for your services. You can do both freelancing or permanent service provider. There is a huge scope of this skill in future.

10. Shopify or E-commerce.

E-Commerce is also a great way to earn money, if you have some stuff which you can sell online. Even if you don’t want to sell anything online, if you learn this skill you can make websites for others.

E-commerce management is also a good income source, you need to understand how to manage it or how to design a good ecommerce store and you can charge clients for this service.

You can also add SEO service and social media marketing in this kind of service and make a good package for clients.

11. Blockchain.

Blockchain is a great technology which is basically is a p2p (peer to peer) publicly managed platform without the need of any governing body. There are lots of researches going on on this subject. Many applications and startups started using blockchains and many pre established companies started using it.

If you learn about how you can make applications and provide services on blockchain technology you can provide services to many people and charge them for this. You should take blockchain related courses you will easily get many courses on udemy on this.

12. E-Learning Model

There are basically 2 ways you can do this. If you are a beginner, you can make your courses on any topic and publish it on courses selling sites like udemy, courseera, youtube or even on your own website.

You can also make bunch of courses by some more tutors and make a website for selling it. It is a good idea to target college or school students make good courses for them and provide them online in video format which they can download or stream.

13. Python.

Python is really a great language in programming world, which by it’s simplicity reduces development time to much extent.

Python has also great resources and libraries which really ease data analysis, manipulation and visualization tasks. Nowadays python is being used in many places like App development, Web development, Network programming, Artificial intelligence and also it is very useful for data scientists.

Python can also be used for automation of works in many ways. This is a really good language for programmers and obviously it has a very high demand and work for earning good.

14. Artificial Intelligence.

This is relatively harder than others mentioned in this post but has higher amount of income as well. If you can dedicate yourself to learn this skill you will definitely get a very high salary paying job.

Some of jobs you can get are : Software analyst , Data scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Research Scientist.

Some big companies who hire artificial intelligence related employees are Amazon, NVIDIA, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Intel etc.

15. Machine Learning.

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence which includes Deep Learning. Machine learning enabled machines to take decisions similar to human brains. It means machine learning helps machine to learn a work itself by doing or analyzing a set of data repeatedly.

Machine learning has a very good scope which has a good future for earning good amount of money. This is also a high paying job.

Users can also learn about TensorFlow, which has a good demand on freelancing sites like fiverr.


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