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10 Tips to Start a Successful Youtube Channel

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Nowadays Youtube Channels are a great way to earn passive income online. Its great way of income for student as it can be started in part-time. By Passive Income we mean, income source, which keeps giving you income on regular basis with minimum to no effort at all. But obviously it requires some hard work in establishing it before it gives out some money.

There are many ways by which you can earn lots of passive income which we will cover in our coming articles. This article will deal with YOUTUBE CHANNEL as a Passive Income Source. Daily thousands of new youtubers start youtube channel but very few of them run successful channels. There are many reasons behind this like content quality, dedication, inconsistency, lack of interesting content. Making a youtube channel is not a rocket science, anyone can do it very easily. Just signup on , choose a channel name, make a banner and profile picture and its done. But, running it successfully is the main focus of this article. New Youtubers should keep these points in mind to get successfully running youtube channel fast.

Tips for starting a successful Youtube channel.

1. Just Start it.

Yeah! just start your youtube channel. Many users think that they will not put efforts in videos before investing good amount of money in youtube like expenses in costly camera, lighting , costumes etc. You actually just need a smartphone to start or you can make it easier for editing purpose by adding a PC or laptop. Obviously your videos quality will not be that great but you will learn a lot and improve it much faster than just thinking or learning by reading articles or watching videos of others. Start it, you will learn a lot faster by implementing everything in your own videos.
Don’t invest much in starting. Think what you are capable of making like Vlog channel, Gaming channel, Food related channel, Traveling related channel or so on.

2. Learn the fundamentals

This is an obvious point you should keep in mind. You must know the fundamentals before starting youtube channel. By Fundamentals, we mean, Choosing Catchy Titles for your videos, Making Thumbnails, Shooting videos and Basic editing like adding titles trimming and cropping videos etc and using Tags in your videos. All modern softwares can do basic editing, Here I recommend, Filmora Video Editor which is easy for beginners for PC or Laptop. On mobile, you can use Filmora Go, KineMaster or VivaVideo.
It will not take much time learning the basics, Just watch videos on youtube on these topics you will get lots of content on these.

You should learn more about copyright and other technical stuffs after you start.

3. Shareable Content

Make content which your users can share. This will help your channel grow super-faster. How you will choose a shareable video? Just remember which video you last shared, that will give you ideas what your audience may want to share. Other than this, look for trending videos in your country that type of videos are mostly people are sharing too much. Also videos on viral topics are mostly shared a lot, Nowadays Cringy type of memes also go viral very fast. You can choose them as an element for your videos.

Share your videos on as many places as you can, but remember do not spam it. How can you share videos without spamming? Share videos in the groups of related topics and don’t share it again and again, Share them on whatsapp / telegram groups. Sharing is very important. It lets people know about your channel, some of them will obviously view it and if it is valuable or shareable, your video may soon go viral.

4. Make your channel on a Focused Niche

Niche means, a particular topic like a youtube channel on mobile phones, beauty tips, web designing or anything you can think. You will have higher chances of success if, you make your channel and its videos on a particular niche. Don’t make youtube channel on mixed topics. Focused youtube channels are more likely to get lots of subscribers and successfully running youtube channel.

By making your youtube channel on particular niche, people know that this topic related videos will be on this channel hence it’s more likely to increase your presence. Also if a user came to your channel by searching 1 video may watch some more of your videos as that topic was he searching for.

Also by making channel on a fixed niche, you will have strong followers which will keep coming back on all your new videos. There are many more additional benefits.

5. Content is king

A visitor on your video will watch your videos only because of your content. If you provide users useful or good content then there are more chances that he will watch and share your further videos.
It is very important that you make your starting part of your video exciting so that user don’t click back button too soon.

Make valuable content. Ask yourself what kind of content users may like. Check trends, moreover think how your videos can give value to the viewers. Comedy videos , tech related videos or anything popular on youtube always provide some kind of value to viewers.

6. Engagement with your viewers

The Comment Box of youtube, is a great way to keep engagement with your users. Ask your viewers to comment something on your video about their suggestions, reviews or any doubts. Reply your viewers, this will make engagement relation ship with your audience and hence it will build trust over time. Which helps you to keep your viewer base loyal. Also do collaboraion with other youtubers, this has multiple times benefits.

Also note that more comments on your videos means more social engagement which is one of the fundamental criteria in youtube’s ranking algorithm. More socially engaging your content will be, more you are likely to rank in youtube’s search results.

Also keep engagement with your users on other social media platforms. It is also important for you to register your same username on all social media platforms in starting. Make conversations with others from your channel’s Account this will also build trust with your viewers.

7. Consistency

Be consistent, this has many advantages. By consistency we mean, upload your videos regularly. You can choose to upload every video daily or weekly or bi-weekly.

This is necessary to maintain your viewers base and also this will build good amount of views and likes on your videos over time. Also by adding single video on regular intervals, your new users will watch new as well as your old relevant video. All this adds up in revenue also.

8. Searchable Content

Make videos on the topics which users are searching a lot. Use youtube search box to take idea about the topics which users are searching. make your videos accordingly , also use tags accordingly. This will grab lots of viewers to you directly from youtube searches or Suggestions by youtube.
Also you should try to do collaboration with other youtubers with similar topics this helps a lot in increasing viewrs count.

9. Branding

Focus on branding of your channel. The logo of your channel, Banner of your channel, Thumbnails of your videos, transitions, effects of your videos could be in sync or based on same theme and also your logo should be easily memorable. Make accounts on all social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter etc with same username. Link all these with each other. Mention links of your social media handles on your youtube channel descriptions. Mention your youtube channel on your social media handles. This has some SEO impacts also.

10. Voice quality

In videos quality of voice is very important element. Videos mostly have 2 types of sounds : Background Music and Voice of person
Sound of the videos should be pleasing to audience or your viewers may move away from your videos. For background music there are many royalty free music for your videos available online you.

Best place to download royalty-free background music is from Youtube’s Audio Library.
Also, you need to buy a simple mic for your voice with some noise cancellation features. This will definitely raise standards of your video quality.


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