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10 Trends for Web Designs and Development for 2023-24

10 Trends for Web Designs and Development for 2023 24 1

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Nowadays, web development technologies and designs are changing frequently, so it’s very important for web designers to keep themselves updated with new emerging web technologies and trends. Here we are providing top web development trends for 2019

1. Modular Design Framework

Modular design framework is also known as Atomic Design or Component design. Basically, designs of websites are dependent on template of the website, structure of templates are per-defined. If you want even a slight change in template, it increases work for coders. Here modular design comes into play. By using Modular design, you can design patterns of the UI elements of the website, which can be used in many ways by arranging them.
For e.g. A normal website has a fixed template, the headers, footers, sidebars etc. But in Modular design, we can make new visual by just arranging the modules of the website.
This is very important and becoming trend in 2023.

2. Chatbot Integration

Chatbot Integration is very important modern web technology, specially for customer support. Chatbot came like a revolution in web development industry. Nowadays, everyone wants to integrate a chatbot in their website. Even there are many apps becoming popular which are based on chatbot as customer use them comfortably. That’s why there is a huge increase in demand of chatbots and artificial programmers.
You should also consider chatbot integration and automation in mind as it is going to be a huge trend in 2019

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP pages render very fast comparing with normal HTML pages about 4 to 5 times. AMP HTML is striped down version of normal HTML, hence it loads very fast and makes web browsing experience smoother. Google is supporting AMP very much as googles has said that now their website ranking will be based on mobile-first approach and AMP based mobile sites will be given preference while ranking.
There are many benefits of using AMP like, it reduces server load, pages load fast, page indexes fast and rank faster in search engines.
Although, some websites already using AMP from 2-3 years, but now it will be a trend in 2019-20 because of the benefits mentioned above.

4. Voice Search Integration

Nowadays, many people search on google with voice search. Also because of popularity of devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Echo, Siri, Cortana, OK google, voice searches are becoming a trend day by day. It is a estimate that upto year 2020, almost 50% of searches on google will be based on voice search. All these indicates that soon, websites will also adapt voice search feature for searching on their website.
Now even browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome supports voice searches.
Hence it’s important for you to understand this technology and adapt voice API Integration.

5. Expressive Animation

Short expressive animations are recently adapted by some websites like amazon and others. Some vector shapes forming a figure or object are shown as animation at multiple places in websites. It is really at very early stage and looks customer engaging. Hence it will soon go trendy.

6. Video Integrated Content

Videos content are increasing day by day at exponentially high speed. With HTML5 video content can be used as backgrounds, but they were not used much in past. But now people have more high speed internet and it can be seen in some websites nowadays. Also some designers experiment with interactive videos in website. Like, video will be played as per user interaction by scrolling, clicking etc. There are many areas to explore in this trend.

7. Overlapping Effects Layout

Web designs like overlapping effects are very new in the industry. It looks a very modern and unique style to website, hence it catches user’s attention easily. In overlapping types website design, some elements are shown overlapping on another, hence creating a nice 3d look of the content without breaking the flat style essence.

8. Flat Designs and Material Designs

Flat designs and material designs are in web development industry since 3-4 years now. Recently we have seen a great spike in trending websites using material designs. It also happened because google wants to make a ecosystem with similar material designs for all their apps and websites. Which encourages other developers to follow material design. But because it is not a new, it will definitely trend with modifications like 3d styles in material designs or something similar.

9. Isometric 3d style

Isometric style was very popular trend in previous years. Still they are very popular today. In 2019, new approach to use isometric 3d designs can take place. For e.g., using animation based isometric designs, interactive isometric designs, isometric designs with parallax etc.

10. Scrolling stories

Scrolling stories based websites are generally adopted in product based websites. Very few websites have adopted that which looks very elegant and classy. Generally in this type of designs, page’s elements changes as user scrolls through the website and display the content as a small story. This can be a good trend in this year and upcoming years.

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